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Important Values for Construction Companies Part 3

In part one of this four-part article, the Nashville construction litigation attorneys at Cotney Construction Law introduced the importance of establishing realistic values that you believe in. In part two, we discussed how you can determine a set of values for your company and why it’s important for those values to operate on two levels. Now, we will delve into an array of values that can play an important role in improving your work environment whether on the project site or in the office.


If you value accessibility, you need to promote an open-door policy that encourages your workers to seek help when they have a work-related problem or an external issue that affects their productivity. The word “accessible” can be interpreted in a number of ways, but in the context of the construction industry, it needs to meet the following definitions:

  • Able to be reached or entered
  • Friendly and easy to talk to; approachable

Your workers want to know that working for you is feasible. If there’s a high barrier of entry or a lack of training to mold new employees, you’ll be hard-pressed to retain them under your employ. In this context, accessible means achievable.

At the same time, as the face of your contracting business, you need to be friendly and approachable to not only maintain a positive work environment, but to encourage prospective employees to join your team. Your company’s values pertain to every member of your team, so if you can create an “accessible” workplace, your projects will benefit from increased motivation and a more enthusiastic workforce.


As a contractor, the success of your business is largely predicated on your team’s ability to work together. A team-oriented workplace reminds your employees that they’re not alone and that they can rely on you and other team members to make up for their deficiencies. Nobody is perfect, but a team-oriented environment can help minimize accidents on the project site and ensure that your workforce operates like a well-oiled machine. Another important facet of a team-oriented work environment is to not single out an individual person when something goes wrong on your project. Teams share the burden of responsibility on good days and bad days, which helps improve worker sentiment on a broad scale.

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