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Important Values for Construction Companies Part 4

What does it take to become a great leader? For one, you need to be steadfast in your beliefs. Possessing a strong sense of urgency and a drive to succeed is important, too; but at the same time, you need to be understanding of the needs of your workers and willing to find common ground to support the future success of your contracting business.

This can be easier said than done. You don’t necessarily want to change your methods, but real leaders find a way to make their subjects happy while maintaining a pre-plotted course toward triumph. As we discussed in parts one, two, and three, establishing a strong, reasonable set of values for your company is integral to making this a reality. Now, the Nashville construction attorneys at Cotney Construction Law will conclude this article by discussing a few more important values for construction professionals.


When you empower your workers, their sense of self-worth is elevated and they perform tasks more readily. They become eager to achieve great things because they approach every task with ownership. Although they are contributing one small piece to a much larger puzzle, they feel the weight of their impact more heavily. As a contractor, figuring out the best way to disseminate this value can be a challenge. If you hand over too much autonomy to your workers when they lack the knowledge or skills to ably complete a task, you run the risk of putting them in a lose-lose situation. However, if you tactfully consider the unique skill sets of your employees and allow them to exploit their talents, they will feel more useful and make significantly larger contributions to your project. For example, if one of your employees bulldozes trees more quickly than others, give them positive feedback and ask them to give tips to the other employees.


You don’t want to hire workers who give up when things get tough. As deadlines start to approach and the amount of unfinished work piles up, you need to know that your workers are going to make an honest effort to fight through these embattled times to reach a positive outcome. If you instill the value of perseverance in your workers, they’ll focus on the big picture and work toward project completion no matter what the circumstances are on a day-to-day basis. Perseverance is an important value regardless of occupation, but in the construction industry, it’s vital to the success of your projects.

Your values can be an invaluable tool for not only growing your contracting business, but increasing your team’s work ethic and efficiency. If you want to improve the zeal of your workers, establish a set of strong, reasonable values as soon as possible.

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