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Improving Employee Engagement in Construction Part 2

Notice an increase in workplace incidents? Feel like workplace policies aren’t well received and ignored? You could be dealing with a disengaged workforce. The engagement level of your workforce has a profound effect on the health and safety of the workplace.

If you want to reduce work-related accidents while simultaneously working to increase your company’s bottom line, our St. Petersburg construction lawyers recommend that you place a high priority on improving employee engagement. This article will continue our series. Make sure you read part one of our article for the first few tips.

Praise Employee Achievements

“Thank you” goes a long way. Employees come to work for a paycheck but a company that shows gratitude to their employees will positively reinforce safe behavior and begets more engagement. It has been proven time and time again that recognizing and praising the performance of another will reinforce those same actions. The key, however, is to celebrate them in ways that are meaningful to them. So, if bonuses motivate them, find a way to give them. If extra days off work, make it happen.

Develop Employees

Encouraging and investing in the growth of employees is the best way to keep them engaged. It also improves retention. When workers feel valued and supported, they are likely to stick around for good reasons. No one wants to feel stuck in a job. This is why it is important to set employees up for success by training them and providing them with resources to help them grow within their trade. When they are ready for a new challenge, they will have the necessary skills to compete.

In conclusion, increasing employee engagement is all about involving employees in your safety programs, maintaining open communication, respecting employees’ ideas, and giving them honest and positive feedback. Implementing these strategies is sure to get you off to a great start!

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