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Improving the Quality of Your Construction Life Part 3

Quality of life changes on the construction site don’t have to result in a massive overhaul of your day-to-day operations. Sometimes it’s the smallest change that has the most significant impact. Over the course of this three-part series, a construction attorney in Brentwood, TN, has been reviewing the quality of life changes that help to ensure your construction workers are safe, happy, and healthy. In part one, ergonomic solutions to musculoskeletal disorders were discussed. In part two, we detailed the various ways to focus on a worker’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Now, we will be discussing practical changes that workforces can implement to improve the quality of life on a construction site. At Cotney Construction Law, we understand that construction companies are always juggling safety, health, and legal concerns. If you are ever faced with a construction-related legal challenge and are unsure of how to proceed, consult with a construction law attorney in Brentwood, TN, from our firm.

Improving Workplace Design

There are many practical changes that employers can implement to raise the quality of working conditions without heavily impacting budgets. Some examples include:

  • Tarps over wet areas to remove slip hazards
  • Fans to improve ventilation
  • Clean, organized workspaces
  • Hot, running water onsite
  • Better bathrooms and an adequate supply of toilet paper
  • Better seating and break areas

Taking Ownership of Quality of Life Solutions

The best quality of life solutions might come from unlikely places in your workforce. For example, you may notice your workers attaching paper cups to drills to catch falling debris or using foam to improve their knee pads. They may also use workbenches and shelving to reduce their need to bend and stoop. These small quality of life changes should be encouraged as they allow construction workers to take a proactive approach to safety.

As we’ve seen in this series, there are many small and large changes that can be implemented to improve a construction worker’s safety, general wellbeing, and happiness. Of the three, construction companies are most responsible for worker safety. Failing to protect your workers and provide them with the required safety equipment can result in a visit from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Don’t wait until a worker is injured on the job. Partner with a construction lawyer in Brentwood, TN, to ensure that your jobsite is safe from hazards and compliant with all OSHA regulations.

If you would like to speak with a construction law attorney in Brentwood, TN, please contact us today.


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