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Increasing Productivity and Combating Absenteeism Part 2

Increased productivity and minimal absenteeism may as well be synonymous with revenue. In Part 1 of this article, we covered how communication and making workers feel valued increases productivity. Today our Tennessee roofing attorneys will discuss some additional tips.

Invest in the Right Equipment

A choice piece of equipment can save labor hours while drastically increasing productivity.

Investing in new equipment may be daunting when you look at the price tag. When it comes to higher ticket items like vehicles and trailers (or even mass orders of smaller items like state-of-the-art nail guns), it pays to examine the bigger picture. If the equipment you’re considering has the power to streamline certain processes or decrease the number of man-hours needed for a given job, then it also has the power to increase productivity—and your bottom line.

Implement an Attendance Policy

Make sure your company has a clear and enforced attendance policy. Your employees should know what is expected of them and also have access to their track record. Knowing exactly how much annual leave and sick days they’ve used prevents confusion and encourages accountability.

Track Absences

According to a survey by the Society for Human Resource Management, a mere one-third of employers use an integrated system for tracking absences. Though there are various means of recording employee absences, this statistic indicates that many companies could improve their methods.

Not only should you track absences, but you should do so in a way that takes employees’ patterns and tendencies into account. For example, research has shown that Mondays, Fridays, and days surrounding public holidays and major sporting events are the most commonly taken off days.

Tracking absences is another reason why giving employees access to their attendance record is beneficial. If an employee can look at their calendar and see they have taken a “sick” day after numerous sporting events, they will know management can see it too.

Provide Enough Paid Time Off

Planned time off interferes far less with productivity than unexpected absences, especially in a hands-on industry like roofing. When your employees have access to a realistic or even generous amount of annual leave, they are less likely to take days off at the last minute.

Though some unexpected sick days are inevitable, providing enough official time off encourages overall attendance and company loyalty.

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