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Why You Should Consult an Indianapolis Bid Protest Attorney Before Filing a Protest

Placing a bid on a project takes a great deal of time, resources, and money. When you place a competitive bid on a government project, even if you comply with all the agency’s specifications, there’s never a guarantee that you will be selected. If you’re a contractor and you believe that you’re the victim of improprieties during this process, consult an Indianapolis bid protest attorney to learn more about your options. A bidding party does have the right to challenge an agency’s decision during the procurement process. Afterall, this process must be fair and objective. 

Your Options When Challenging a Bid

There are many reasons why a contractor may want to protest a bid. Perhaps the awardee was irresponsible or unresponsive, or maybe there were significant mistakes made in their bid package. Regardless of the reason why a contractor wants to challenge a bid, the first step in the bid protest process is to consult an Indianapolis bid protest lawyer

Before actually filing a bid protest, an attorney can evaluate the procurement process and the awarded decision. An experienced attorney can help a contractor determine whether or not their claim has merit and whether they are considered an interested party. Our attorneys will also evaluate the likelihood of overturning the bid decision. We help contractors weigh the costs of pursuing action and the overall benefits the contractor will experience by pursuing a bid protest. 

An Indianapolis Bid Protest Lawyer Can Help

If our construction law firm believes that a contractor has a valid claim, we will navigate the client through the award protests process governed by the Indiana Department of Administration, Procurement Division. In order to successfully challenge a bid, the bidder must submit a written letter of protest within five days from the day of the award or the date of notification of rejection. Consult an Indianapolis bid protest lawyer to learn more about your options and the grounds for relief.  

If you would like to speak with an Indianapolis bid protest attorney, please contact us today.

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