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Partner With an Indianapolis OSHA Defense Attorney

There were over 32,000 federal safety inspections conducted by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in 2018. Nearly 7,500 of these inspections stemmed from a complaint, and approximately 1,000 occurred after a fatality or catastrophic event. The truth is that, whether an inspection is programmed or not, contractors and construction employers should expect their jobsite to be inspected regularly and they should expect to be issued a citation if they fail to comply with safety standards. For this reason alone, your construction business should have regular contact with an Indianapolis OSHA defense attorney.

Who Does an Indianapolis OSHA Defense Lawyer Represent?

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our attorneys partner with contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and other industry professionals to ensure that they are in compliance with workplace safety standards. We can help make certain that your jobsite is prepared to pass safety inspections by bolstering company policies and safety initiatives through comprehensive safety and employee manual drafting services and training advice. When an OSHA official conducts an inspection, we can represent your company’s best interest during this inspection. 

What Happens If I Receive a Citation?

If your workplace does receive a citation, you can contest the penalty by submitting a Notice of Intent to Contest within 15 days of the date the citation was issued. An Indianapolis OSHA defense lawyer can navigate you through this process and respond to the citation and participate at informal conferences on behalf of your business. Our attorneys have represented clients accused of multiple, willful, and repeat violations, and we have successfully challenged citations and greatly reduced the cost of a citation.  

If you would like to speak with an Indianapolis OSHA defense attorney, please contact us today.

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