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Insurance Chattanooga Contractors Should Consider Part 2

Insurance is a smart investment to protect your business from the many risks associated with construction. It’s difficult to think of every situation when it comes to insurance, and there might even be types of coverage you haven’t considered that you need for your jobsite. In part one of this article, a Chattanooga construction lawyer discussed some familiar types of insurance for contractors. In this part, a construction lawyer explains some types of coverage you might not have considered.

Umbrella Liability Coverage

Because general liability coverage encompasses so many possible risks, umbrella liability coverage is usually used as an additional form of coverage. Umbrella coverage helps cover any costs beyond the amount the general liability coverage will pay. That’s why this type of policy is often added by contractors with larger construction sites to manage.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

If you have employees on the jobsite, you need workers’ compensation insurance. This insurance helps cover medical costs and wages while the employee is injured. It’s also good to know if any subcontractors you have on the jobsite have workers’ compensation insurance. If they don’t and they get injured on your jobsite, you could be liable.

Flood Insurance

At construction sites near bodies of water or at low elevation in relation to nearby land, it’s smart to get flood insurance. Many general policies do not cover flood water damage, so it’s important to consider if you need to add this to your policy.

Commercial Vehicle Insurance

Business-owned vehicles are important assets. Like any privately owned vehicle, company trucks, vans, and cement mixers all need to be insured. Accidents can happen while driving or operating equipment and other general liability policies won’t cover these in most cases.

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