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Integrating Slack to Streamline Your Contracting Firm’s Communications

Communication problems are a constant detractor from the success of construction projects in the United States. Simply put, there are too many moving parts in a typical construction project to rely on outdated methods of communication. Innovations outside of the construction industry, most commonly in the tech industry, have given contractors the opportunity to streamline the construction process; however, it’s up to them (and you) to embrace these innovations and apply them to the project site. Poor communication can lead to injured workers, disrupted timelines, and conflicts with the owner. If you want to avoid the legal disputes that can arise when poor communication affects your workforce, contact a Birmingham construction lawyer.

Have you ever heard of Slack? This popular platform is designed to streamline communications in the workplace, regardless of the industry. Although Slack is currently being put to use in offices across the country, very few construction-related businesses have embraced this innovative communications solution. Can Slack help your contracting business? This article aims to answer this important question.

No More Slacking in Construction

Accountability is one of the most important aspects of any workplace, but this is especially true in the construction industry where one dysfunctional cog can cause an entire project to descend into disrepair. Slack serves two primary functions. First, it allows you to divide tasks individually. In other words, prior to each workday, you can assign specific tasks to each member of the workforce. A construction project might be viewed as one cohesive project, but it’s actually a culmination of a multitude of smaller, more focused projects. These projects combine to complete the final build. Whenever you or an employee need to update a task, Slack can be used to communicate the overall progress to other members who are working on a related task. You can also use these channels to communicate with relevant team members.

What Can Slack Do for Contractors?

Slack helps drive projects forward by improving communication and providing your team with a platform to disseminate important documents directly to one another. For example, Slack can be used for:

  • Change order details and approvals
  • Daily progress photos
  • Copies of submittals, plans, or other documents
  • Production issues that need to be resolved with teamwork

Slack has virtually endless uses, but contractors may find it useful in situations such as when an on-site foreman needs to communicate with the project manager, superintendent, or owner. The foreman could host a video chat to get answers about a certain issue pertaining to the project site. Instead of waiting for an email reply, communication is handled in the moment and results are achieved quickly.

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