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Nationwide OSHA Defense For the Construction Industry

Specializing in all aspects of Roofing Law:

  • Construction litigation and arbitration
  • Construction lien and bond claims
  • License defense
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Contract review and drafting
  • Construction employment law


We defend contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers and others in the construction industry against OSHA citations and complaints all across the United States. We are intimately familiar with the OSHA inspection and citation process, and frequently lecture as a State Accredited Department of Business and Professional Education continuing education provider on legal issues pertaining to OSHA.

In addition to responding to citations and participating at informal conferences on behalf of clients at the local level, we have also represented clients at the regional level after the Notice of Contest has been issued through the initial complaint and hearing process as well as on appeal. We have represented clients with serious, repeat, and willful, repeat violations including citations based on fatalities. Our years of experience dealing with inspectors and area directors allow us to efficiently navigate the process and provide clients with legal advice focused on increasing workplace safety. Finally, our knowledge of the process allows us to manage crises due to injuries or fatalities sustained by employees.

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