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Is Instagram a Viable Solution for the Labor Shortage? Part 1

In 2015, the Associated General Contractors of America released the results of a survey that revealed an alarming truth about the current state of the construction industry. With nearly 80 percent of construction businesses admitting to facing challenges regarding the acquisition of skilled workers, the labor shortage that has plagued the construction industry since the mid-2000s had officially transformed into a veritable labor crisis.

At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our Florida construction lawyers work hand-in-hand with construction professionals to help strengthen workforces. When you feel like you’ve exhausted every possible avenue for finding skilled workers, you might want to consider turning to non-traditional methods of employee recruitment. You can use Instagram to redefine your construction company’s brand and attract new hires. In part one of this two-part series, we will introduce you to effective strategies for using Instagram to locate and develop skilled workers.

#Trending #Construction

Do people on social media care about construction? You might be surprised to discover that every niche has a space dedicated to it on social media. Whether that niche is residential construction or dachshunds dressed as cowboys, there is someone out there interested in what you do. Instagram simplifies the process of reaching your target audience so you can engage with them directly. These interactions can range from a simple “hello” on Instagram’s native platform to a full-blown interview using a video conferencing service like Skype.

So how do you locate your target audience amongst Instagram’s more than one billion users? Simple, you start posting about what you do on a daily basis. Let your audience see the construction industry through your eyes by introducing team members, explaining your building processes, taking virtual tours of project sites, and creating compelling content that engages your target audience while building up new followers. Once you have established your visibility on the platform, skilled hires will flock to you to work on projects that are generating social engagement. You could even procure private contracts by hosting a strong profile with powerful visuals.

Transform Your Brand

Most construction firms don’t allocate significant bandwidth to building a brand. Functional trades like construction rely on reputation and networking to drive success, but social media tools like Instagram have proven that establishing a brand for your company can set you apart from your sector. We aren’t proposing that construction should be fun, but it can be wholesome, transformative, and meaningful for both the employee and society. Conveying this message through the use of visuals can help you access an entirely new pool of potential hires.

In part two, we will examine a handful of active profiles on Instagram that have found success focusing specifically on construction.

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