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Is Instagram a Viable Solution for the Labor Shortage? Part 2 featured image

Is Instagram a Viable Solution for the Labor Shortage? Part 2

The labor shortage in the construction industry has proven resilient despite a decade of new recruitment techniques, advances in technology, and expanded specialization training. Although the professional job market is stuffed with low-paying jobs that offer minimal chance for advancement, these jobs are proficient at masquerading as attractive opportunities because they have adopted modern marketing principles to glamorize basic office jobs. The construction industry has maintained a more straightforward approach to employee recruitment, but has this approach proven successful?

In part one of this two-part series, the Florida construction attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants explored various applications for Instagram in the construction industry. If your firm is attempting to combat the labor shortage, it’s time to employ social media tools to connect with individuals and networks who are interested in working in construction. Many competing companies are already using Instagram to grow their businesses, so start generating buzz for your firm today before the digital space becomes overstocked with rival construction firms.

Magnolia Design and Construction (@magnoliadesignandconstruction)

The home decor experts at Magnolia utilize a specialized Instagram profile focusing on home remodeling and refinishing to drive engagement with DIYers. Magnolia’s exciting construction projects are presented with compelling visuals and accompanying descriptions that help viewers understand the purpose of the project and how Magnolia’s design and construction experts expect to tackle the project. This profile currently has over 736,000 followers. Their last post had 18,722 likes and 289 comments from construction and home modification enthusiasts.

Scheffy Construction, LLC (@scheffyconstruction)

This Baton Rouge-based residential and commercial construction company specializes in custom homes and renovations. This company has been using Instagram as a tool to display a vast portfolio of finished projects to prospective buyers. With 995 posts and counting, there’s no shortage of content on @scheffyconstruction, but it’s their use of Instagram’s “story” feature and IGTV that truly sets them apart from the competition. If you can prove that you do great work, and have fun while doing it, you should never feel pressed for help.

Launching Your Instagram

If you decide to use Instagram as a tool for strengthening your brand and driving interest in your employment opportunities, it’s important to establish a few prerequisites before you dive head first into the world of social media. First off, start populating your profile with compelling images that drive engagement. Tag your location so interested locals can discover your brand. Use location-based hashtags, too! This will help establish the scope of your local engagements. Once your audience starts to comment and like your posts, you can engage them to establish rapport and bolster interest in construction careers.

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