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Is It Worth It to Protest a Bid? Yes, It Is

When a government contract is awarded under suspicious circumstances, a contractor may struggle to decide if they should move forward with a bid protest. Bid protests are absolutely worth it, but you have to be certain that the federal contract was awarded to a contractor unfairly. In this brief article, we will be breaking down bid protests and when to use them. While protesting a bid is a big decision, it’s a decision that you don’t have to make alone. If you’re considering protesting a bid, consult with a Charlotte bid protest attorney at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

A System of Checks and Balances

A bid protest, or even just the possibility of one, encourages government agencies to constantly evaluate and reevaluate their choices. This series of checks and balances ensures that the best contractor for a project is chosen and that the best interests of the taxpaying public are seen to. Without this system, bias and corruption could threaten the award process and lead to inferior roads, bridges, school buildings, and other public works projects.  

A Sound Argument

Bid protests brought forward out of spite are never worth it. All this will do is create a reputation that could cause agencies to think twice about awarding you future contracts. In order for a bid protest to be successful, you must be able to present evidence proving that an agency either improperly evaluated bid proposals or was biased towards the winning contractor. Collecting evidence and determining if it’s substantial can be done with the aid of a Charlotte bid protest lawyer at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

The Bottom Line

Winning a government contract can make or break a contractor. The bottom line: if protesting a bid will keep you in business, it’s worth it. If the contract value is greater than the amount that you would spend during the protest process, it’s worth it. And most importantly, if you can prove that a contract was unfairly awarded, it’s worth it to protest a bid. However, these circumstances may or may not apply to your situation. Always consult with a Charlotte bid protest attorney to determine how and when to best move forward with a bid protest.  

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