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Is Your Construction Business Thriving in the Summer? Part 1 featured image

Is Your Construction Business Thriving in the Summer? Part 1

During the summer months, with the right planning, your construction firm can increase profitability and your business can reach a new level of success. In this two-part article, a Jacksonville construction attorney will discuss how construction companies can combat challenges like inclement weather and develop a strategy to thrive this summer. In this part, the construction attorneys at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants will discuss safety tips for your summer projects. In the next part, we will discuss practical tips that can grow your business during the summertime.  

Know What Challenges You Are Up Against 

Every Florida construction professional is aware of the fact that the summer months present significant challenges like extreme temperatures during the daytime and inclement weather patterns throughout the afternoon. Of course, the threat of a hurricane is also always looming. With blazing heat, heavy downpours, a fury of lightning and thunder, and the constant threat of a natural disaster, you have to always plan for the worst before breaking ground on a project.      

Beat the Heat

Along with developing a long-term safety plan, it’s important that contractors also consider the issues that can impact their jobsite on a daily basis. Topics like hydration, nutrition, proper personal protective equipment (PPE), sunscreen application, finding shaded areas, and adjusting scheduling are all ways that construction businesses can ensure their workers remain safe in the summer heat.  

Develop a Safety Plan

Formulating a plan for summer construction projects begins with considering the worst-case weather scenario. Do you have an emergency plan in place? Does your emergency plan account for all types of weather scenarios, including heat, rain, and lightning? When you develop a plan, it’s important to make sure everyone on the site understands how to put it into action. This requires you to first identify reliable workers who can act as decision makers during inclement weather. Project leaders should have access to weather radar apps, cloud-based systems, and other resources to ensure that they are in-the-know at all times. 

Protecting the Construction Site

Once you realize that a storm is approaching, you will need project leaders closely monitoring the weather and communicating with the rest of the team. If a storm is nearing your jobsite, you will need to secure equipment, gear, and materials quickly. Moreover, you will need to position heavy machinery in a secure area away from high winds and potential flooding hazards.   

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