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Is Your Construction Business Thriving in the Summer? Part 2

Summer projects offer construction businesses several opportunities to procure profitable contracts. This is especially true in the education sector where elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, and college institutions have fewer students on campus during the summertime and more opportunities to take on significant construction projects. 

In this two-part article, a Jacksonville construction lawyer is discussing a few essential items construction firms need to have in order to take advantage of opportunities to build in the summer. In the first part, we explained how to recognize challenges, develop a safety plan, and protect your construction site against inclement weather. In this part, we will cover a few high-level things to consider in order to successfully take on summer projects. 

Review Your Contracts

Whether it’s summer, spring, fall, or winter, a poorly written contract can leave a contractor vulnerable to a variety of important issues. In the summertime, inclement weather can lead to frequent project delays. Are reasonable delays covered in your contract? If they’re not, you could find yourself paying out of pocket next time a hurricane forms in the Atlantic. When you partner with our Jacksonville construction lawyers, they can review your contract and make certain that summertime projects have specific weather clauses in place protecting your best interest and expanding your deadline when Mother Nature uproots a project.    

Schedule Wisely

As we have discussed, summer projects can get especially tricky considering the challenges of both weather and deadlines. Contractors should not only move their work schedules up a few hours to combat the heat and avoid afternoon showers, but they should also consider expanding their project schedule to ensure they reach deadlines. Summer projects can be hindered by any number of potential issues, and things often don’t go as planned. From analyzing weather patterns to researching the recent history of each month’s weather conditions, there are plenty of ways your construction firm can be prepared to take on projects effectively in the summer.     

Regardless of what type of construction work your firm specializes in, the summer months impact the entire construction industry. With more challenges present, it’s the most prepared companies that thrive in these situations. Whether it’s jobsite safety practices, developing a safety plan, contract review, or effective scheduling, all of these issues need to be addressed year round, and even more so in the summer. For assistance with your projects and your legal needs, consult the knowledgeable and experienced construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.    

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