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Is Your Construction Company Working on These Transportation Projects? Part 1

There are many lucrative opportunities to work on exciting government projects. In this six-part article, construction attorneys with a Greensboro construction law firm will discuss how general contractors and subcontractors can get involved with several transport infrastructure projects organized by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT). In this first part, we will provide you with an overview of NCDOT and their mission.

If you are interested in working on government projects, we encourage you to research the NCDOT website. We also recommend that you partner with an experienced construction attorney that can assist you with everything from placing effective bids on projects to filing a NCDOT verified claim on your behalf.  

NCDOT’s Mission

NCDOT’s mission is dedicated to “connecting people, products and places safely and efficiently with customer focus, accountability and environmental sensitivity to enhance the economy and vitality of North Carolina.” Established in 1915 as part of the State Highway Commission, NCDOT has evolved into an all-inclusive, statewide transportation system that features 10 different means of travel. NCDOT aims to create a safer, more reliable, efficient, and sustainable transportation system for residents of the Tar Heel State.

The Operating Budget of NCDOT

From aiding population growth to supporting the economy to assisting future generations with their transportation needs, NCDOT projects provide many great opportunities and challenges for both contractors and subcontractors interested in working on government contracts that support the well-being of North Carolina residents.

With an annual operating budget of nearly $5 billion, there are many opportunities for construction professionals to work on lucrative projects. Transportation funding makes up approximately 75 percent of this annual budget along with 25 percent from federal revenues.

As we will discuss throughout this article, statewide funding efforts are invested into several means of transportation that require either new construction, repair, or maintenance.

  • In part two of this article, we will discuss opportunities for contractors related to the construction and repair of highways, roads, and bridges.
  • In part three, we will discuss in greater detail the specific regions and divisions of the NCDOT that are focused on highway construction projects.
  • In part four, we will focus on two important types of transportation construction: turnpike and airport construction.
  • In part five, we will discuss both time-tested and potential emerging opportunities to bolster public transportation in rail construction projects.
  • In part six, we will discuss port construction and expansion projects in several major cities in North Carolina.

If you are interested in working on lucrative transportation projects in North Carolina, consult an experienced construction attorney that can assist you with taking your construction business to the next level.

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