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Is Your Construction Company Working on These Transportation Projects? Part 5

If you own a construction company and are considering ways to increase your bottom line, you should consider placing bids on government-organized transportation construction projects. In this six-part article, an Asheville construction lawyer is covering most of the primary transportation projects funded by the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT).

In sections one, two, three, and four, we covered everything from highways to roads to bridges to turnpikes to airport construction projects. In this section, we will discuss opportunities to work on construction projects involving the railway system of North Carolina.  

Rail Projects

Although our national railway system is often perceived as an antiquated means of travel, in reality, nearly one million North Carolina residents board trains annually. North Carolina has six intercity passenger routes and nearly 70 percent of the Tar Heel State’s residents are within 30 miles of a station. Railways also have an enormous economic value as the transportation of goods, equipment, and materials through a freight service is highly valuable.

Railway Construction Tasks

Railway construction projects require highly specialized machinery for both new construction techniques and preservation of current track rail systems. Some railway construction tasks include:

  • Repair and maintenance of existing railway tracks
  • Construction of new railway tracks
  • Adhering to the specific requirements of the railway management operating system
  • Developing embankment and bridge construction methods to support the rail line
  • Laying concrete sleepers or placing the ballast over the rail tracks
  • Flash butt welding and other resistance welding processes

The Future of Railway Systems

Railways are an important aspect of our national economic growth, and these systems remain a reliable transportation option for North Carolina residents. From developing more effective, safer means of travel to stimulating the economy, railway construction remains an important staple of our national infrastructure. Moving forward, it will be exciting to see how this time-tested mode of transportation is potentially utilized to transform public transportation in major cities in North Carolina. For example, will North Carolina one day feature high-speed rail technology that connects all of the denizens of the Tar Heel State to neighboring states?

For more information on lucrative construction opportunities in transportation projects in North Carolina, please read section six.

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