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Is Your Construction Site Prepared for June’s National Safety Month featured image

Is Your Construction Site Prepared for June’s National Safety Month

Construction professionals across the nation should be focused on reducing injury and death rates at their jobsites daily. However, during the month of June, which is National Safety Month, special emphasis is placed on four areas of safety to ensure that “No 1 Gets Hurt!”

Roofers are exposed to many risks while working at dangerous heights, engaging in frequent climbing, and working in the scorching heat. This is why they suffer a higher rate of injury and death as compared to other workers. For almost two decades, our attorneys have served the roofing industry. A roofing lawyer in Alabama can assist you with staying compliant with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) ever-changing regulations. In the meantime, read this article to be sure you are providing your contractors with safe and healthy working conditions.

Safety Weekly Overview: Are You Prepared?

Each week in June, The National Safety Council encourages everyone to focus on key areas of safety to build awareness and reduce hazards to keep everyone safe.

Emergencies: Every jobsite should have a site-specific Emergency Action Plan (EAP) which covers the actions everyone must take to keep everyone safe in the event of an emergency. The EAP should include escape procedures and routes, procedures for accounting for all employees, a designated person to stay behind to complete specific functions before evacuating themselves, and emergency rescue and medical procedures and who will perform them.

Wellness: Many roofers leave the industry as a result of work-related illnesses and injuries including chronic pain, musculoskeletal diseases, and other medical conditions. To lessen a workers risk for early retirement or disability, work practices and risk factors must be modified.

Falls: Falls are the leading cause of deaths on construction sites. Employers must ensure they are following OSHA’s standards to prevent falls by planning ahead, providing workers the right equipment, and training everyone on how to use the equipment safely.

Driving: Injuries and deaths occur on construction jobsites at an alarming rate, so defensive driver training should be provided. Tips for preventing vehicular accidents on the site include training workers to maintain a safe following distance, protect their rear, utilize alternatives routes when necessary, as well as avoiding nighttime driving when possible and using safe parking practices.

Keep Workers Engaged and Insist on a Safe Work Environment Every Day!

Nothing should be more important on your jobsite than ensuring that every work and pedestrian is safe while working on or being present near your jobsite. Spreading the word about safety during the month of June will help to prevent future tragedies.

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