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Is Your Construction Site Protected Against These Common Hazards? Part 1 featured image

Is Your Construction Site Protected Against These Common Hazards? Part 1

Naturally, when working long hours and performing dangerous tasks in a congested workplace, there are many safety concerns. When accidents happen, workers’ lives are endangered, insurance premiums raise, and Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) citations are issued. In this comprehensive five-part series, an OSHA attorney will discuss common workplace hazards and how contractors can identify and prevent these threats from impacting their workplace. Remember, if you have received an OSHA citation, Cotney Construction Law can provide you with legal defense.

Being Mindful of Hazards

Although every workplace has potential safety and health threats, hazards are even more prevalent in construction than any other industry. Construction firms have a legal responsibility to provide their employees with the most effective safety and health protection they can. Before a construction company can prevent hazards, they must first know about the most common hazards that impact their workplace. This series is designed to inform construction companies on the most common hazards in construction.

Common Types of Hazards

An OSHA defense attorney will discuss a different type of workplace threat in each of the following sections:

  • Part Two: We will cover several of the most common physical hazards that are related to working at heights on the jobsite.
  • Part Three: We will discuss more physical hazards including: equipment-related incidents, stuck in-between incidents, collapsing trenches, and electrical accidents.
  • Part Four: We will feature some of the most underrated workplace environment hazards.
  • Part Five: We will conclude our series by discussing chemical and airborne hazards.

Partnering with a Construction Law Firm

Remember, the most effective way you can provide a safe workplace for your workers and remain compliant with OSHA safety and health standards is to identify risks and take the appropriate steps to mitigate them. When you partner with an experienced construction attorney, they can assist your construction business with a variety of safety- and health-related legal services. This includes everything from performing safety audits of your jobsite to defending your rights against an OSHA claim.

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