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Is Your Employee Handbook Current?

Your contracting firm’s employee handbook is a fundamental piece of company documentation that functions as a blueprint for outlining important policies related to internal conduct. This valuable guide details the ins and outs of employee interactions, explaining what is and is not acceptable in the workplace. A well-written employee handbook will capably communicate your expectations regarding attendance, safety, legal compliance with employment laws, facilities management, and other important rules.

Ensuring that your employee handbook is current is essential if you want to mitigate your chances of becoming the target of litigation as a result of unobserved labor laws. A construction law attorney in Franklin, TN, can review your employee handbook to ensure that you are compliant with all pertinent labor laws for the construction industry. If your employee handbook is outdated, our lawyers can update it as needed.

Your Employee Handbook Should Evolve with Your Business

When you first started your business, you probably only had a handful of employees. As your business grew, you took on new employees from diverse backgrounds. As required by law, you translated your employee handbook into other languages, like Spanish and Japanese, to account for the needs of your new employees. Unfortunately, when the time came to update your employee handbook, you only edited the English edition. You thought you had your bases covered, but you didn’t have a watchful legal partner to keep your handbook in tip-top shape. As a result, when one of your Spanish-speaking employees was injured on the jobsite, your employee handbook failed to offer you any kind of protection. As laws change and your business grows, your legal needs will also shift into unfamiliar territory. Partnering with a construction attorney in Franklin, TN, can help you adjust your employee handbook accordingly to avoid any legal surprises.

Who Can Review and Revise Your Employee Handbook?

Determining the best person to review and revise your employee handbook isn’t as simple as it may appear on the surface. In most companies, a human resources (HR) associate will be called upon to review policies and update them accordingly. However, your HR staff members have minimal knowledge about relevant legislation and regulations related to employee handbooks. In the past, you may have enlisted the help of an attorney to periodically review your employee handbook. Rather than assign this duty to an HR staff member, partner with a construction lawyer in Franklin, TN, to ensure your employee handbook is always up to date.

What Should My Construction Lawyer Review?

If you hire a construction law attorney in Franklin, TN, to review your employee handbook, they will know what to look for including:

  • Outdated policies
  • Compliance issues
  • Changes in relevant legislation and regulations
  • Outdated company practices and procedures
  • Outdated company services

If you would like to speak with a construction attorney in Franklin, TN, about reviewing your employee handbook, please contact us today.

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