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It is Dangerous to Contract Without a License Part 2

We know times are tough, but you must avoid hiring unlicensed contractors to help you complete your construction projects. It is a risk you do not want to take. This second article wraps up our two-part series on the dangerous of contracting without a license. Read part one for the beginning of the article.

Do Not Hire Unlicensed Contractors

Hiring an unlicensed contractor puts your business in jeopardy. If the CILB are alerted of unlicensed activity, they will send a cease and desist notice. You could also face thousands of dollars in fines and lose your business license. If any workers or 3rd parties are injured on the jobsite, you are liable since it is likely the unlicensed contractor may not have the proper insurance to cover such incidents. You also run the risk of hiring a contractor that may do subpar work. This is not to say that having no license equates to poor work, this is to say that you increase your risk of shoddy workmanship and increased expenses due to a contractor’s failure to secure the credentials to back up his ability to perform his specific trade.

Possible Defenses for Unlicensed Activity

If you are facing a charge for unlicensed activity and need help navigating the situation, a Tampa construction lawyer is critical for identifying a good defense and minimizing penalties on your behalf. Contesting a charge for unlicensed activity may include defenses such as evidentiary, factual, or technical. Another defense may be that there is a license exemption for a particular trade. To better access your situation, an appointment with a construction attorney in Tampa is recommended.

Encourage Proper Credentialing

As experienced Tampa construction lawyers, we know how competitive and time-sensitive construction projects can be. It’s tempting to pursue a project that you feel is a great opportunity, but we encourage you to get your credentials in order and to encourage those you work alongside to do the same. Contracting without a license will cost you in the long run—your reputation, your money, and your livelihood. To secure your license, visit the My Florida License Website for more information about licensing registration and certification.

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