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While the accomplished legal team at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants is experienced in all areas of construction law, our Jacksonville construction dispute attorneys are renowned for their work in construction litigation, arbitration, and mediation. With an expert knowledge of construction case law and a team of construction experts, we are able to provide effective legal representation for our clients working in industries such as general contracting, architecture, and engineering.

Our Jacksonville construction dispute lawyers are experienced in representing cases related to:
Construction Defects
Lien Enforcement
Real Property Disputes
Breach of Contract
Defamation Claims
Job Abandonment

Construction Mediation

Construction mediation is a form of alternative dispute resolution where a trained mediator will work with both parties in a dispute to come to agreed upon outcome. Once an agreement is reached, both parties will sign a legally binding Memorandum of Understanding agreeing to the terms of the resolution.

Construction Arbitration

Construction arbitration is also a form of alternative dispute resolution in which a Jacksonville construction dispute lawyer will present arguments to an arbitrator or panel of arbitrators, often with a background in the construction industry. Once both arguments are presented, the panel will present a legally binding decision for both parties.

Construction Litigation

When one or more contracted parties cannot come to an amicable resolution and do not wish to choose alternative dispute resolution methods, the case will be tried through litigation. Either a judge or jury will hear arguments and evidence presented by a Jacksonville construction dispute attorney and will come to a verdict based upon local, state, or federal laws related to the case. Litigation is often thought to be more time consuming and costly than mediation or arbitration, so it is often seen as a last result when faced with a construction dispute.

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