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Trent Cotney has been serving construction professionals since 1999. During that time, his practice has become a trusted name in the Florida construction industry, and has been recognized with prestigious awards such as Lawyer Monthly’s “Construction Law Firm of the Year” and Corporate INTL Magazine’s “Construction Law Firm of the Year in Florida.”

Cotney Attorneys & Consultant’s services include:

OSHA Defense

The construction industry accounts for over 20% of on-the-job fatalities in the United States. For this reason, OSHA places special emphasis on keeping job sites and construction workers safe. This also means your business may be at risk of receiving an OSHA violation if an unexpected inspection occurs. For this reason, it is important to have a trusted Jacksonville construction attorney, like the experienced team at Cotney Construction Law who can provide legal consultation before, during, and after an OSHA inspection.

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License Defense

Charges of contracting without a license or licensed contractors whose operations are found to violate local, state, and federal laws should seek out legal representation from a construction lawyer in Jacksonville who understands the processes of both the Department of Professional Business Regulation and the Construction Industry Licensing Board. We can help you avoid harsh penalties that can include severe fines, criminal charges, jail time, and suspension or revocation of professional licenses.

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Construction Litigation and Arbitration

Construction disputes can occur from everything from ambiguities in the scope of work to site conditions. When they do, it’s important to gather supporting evidence to build a strong defense to protect your business, as well as determine if construction litigation or arbitration will lead to the most favorable outcome.

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Construction Lien and Bond Claims

Our construction attorneys in Jacksonville will guide you through the entire process of exercising your lien and bond rights as a result of non-payment during a construction project. From drafting the initial Notice to Owner to drafting and filing a Claim of Lien, our knowledgeable team understands the steps that must be taken to ensure appropriate compensation is recovered for your services.

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Bid Protests

Protecting the sanctity of the county, state, and federal bid process for government contracts helps deter against fraudulent activity, but it takes an understanding of federal and local laws protecting contractors and appropriate bid procedures. If you believe a contract was wrongfully awarded, it’s important to act fast and have a team of knowledgeable experts on your side.

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Contract Review and Drafting

A successful construction project begins with a well drafted contract that clearly identifies the scope of work to be completed, the role of each party involved, and the expectations on service delivery and payment. Without these elements clearly defined, your business is vulnerable. It is crucial that every construction professional seek out the help of an experienced Jacksonville construction lawyer to either draft or review contracts before legally agreeing to the terms of a project.

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