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Construction Dispute Resolution

Minimizing the time and cost associated with construction disputes is always the primary objective of our Jacksonville construction litigation attorneys. There is not, however, a clear cut strategy for achieving this goal. The circumstances surrounding the dispute will play a large role in determining the best course of action, but the two most common ways to handle a construction dispute are arbitration and litigation.

When to choose arbitration?

In construction contracts today, it’s very common to find an arbitration clause that requires any disputes that arise during a project to be handled through alternative dispute resolution. There are a number of benefits of having your Jacksonville construction litigation lawyer draft an arbitration clause. Coming to a resolution is much quicker in an informal arbitration hearing, proceedings remain private between parties, costs are often lower, scheduling is flexible, and the decision is made by a panel of arbitrators who often have experience in the construction industry and can use their discretion in determining the final outcome.

When to choose litigation?

While many construction professionals are opting for arbitration, it is not always the best choice depending on the circumstances of the dispute. Litigation may be more time consuming, but in some cases will promote a more positive outcome. The decision handed down in a litigation proceeding is done so according to local, state, and federal laws. Litigation also allows the opportunity to appeal a verdict, unlike arbitration, where decisions are binding.

Choosing the Right Jacksonville Construction Litigation Attorney

There are many variables that will determine whether construction arbitration or litigation is the right choice for your construction dispute. Partner with a construction litigation lawyer in Jacksonville who understands the industry and has the experience and expert knowledge to choose a dispute resolution strategy that will lead to a favorable outcome for your construction business.

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