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The Jacksonville office services professionals throughout Jacksonville and the surrounding areas. Whether you are a contractor, architect, engineer, or materials provider, we are prepared to handle the legal aspects of your business. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, we strive to provide legal & business solutions for your company. 

Our Jacksonville attorneys have vast knowledge on variety of construction-related legal matters, including: 

  • Lien Law: One misfiled document or one missed deadline could mean the difference between iyou receive compensation for services rendered or not. Do not risk your lien rights being rendered null and void because of a simple mistake.
  • OSHA Defense: Our attorneys can provide services regarding all aspects of OSHA inspections and can provide you effective legal services and strategies for contesting violations.  
  • License Defense: Our attorneys understand the negative impacts a license violation can have on the operations of your business so being proactive and eliminating possible risks can help keep your operations successful. Our attorneys can prepare you in various ways to avoid license complaints 


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