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Keep Corporate Culture Booming Through the Holidays

This year has been another rough one, with the COVID-19 pandemic still affecting our daily lives. Nevertheless, businesses have worked hard to keep moving forward, to create more work opportunities with more flexibility and to keep workspaces safe. Company culture can take a hit under such circumstances. The holiday season is a great time to reinvigorate your company’s corporate culture. It is the perfect way to welcome a new year.

Ideas to Reinvigorate Corporate Culture

Offer Some Perks

Employees have often gone above and beyond during this challenging year, working harder than ever to help their companies thrive. While a company may not be able to offer big bonuses or fancy gifts to their employees, any tokens of appreciation can help boost morale. Do not ignore the hard work employees have put in throughout 2021. That creates a negative environment. Instead, recognize employees for their successes during these trying times. Consider a virtual holiday party where each employee gets a gift card to use for lunch, then dons a holiday hat and jumps on a Zoom call with coworkers and management. Write up the accomplishments in a company newsletter or offer additional vacation days or flexible work hours.

Host a Virtual Celebration

Employers can save this tradition even despite the pandemic. A well-executed virtual holiday party can boost camaraderie and morale, especially with so many still working remotely. Or, if the party is hosted at the office, send gift cards to remote employees who can join in via computer. Or send pre-packaged food and beverages or pre-packaged gift boxes to their homes. Divide employees into teams to play a trivia game or Name That Tune. Hold an Ugly Sweater Competition and provide gag gifts. Encourage attendance by offering door prizes.

Host a Community Service Opportunity

Getting employees to volunteer for a community service project is an effective way to help others and get employees into the holiday spirit. In addition, good works can positively impact their mental health. There are many opportunities available that can be done safely, even during this pandemic. And bringing coworkers together outside of the work environment for the common good can strengthen ties that might have weakened due to remote work. For employees working in the office, this is an opportunity to get out of their daily routine and volunteer. During this time when so many are still struggling, giving back can be particularly moving.

Reinvigorate Old Traditions and Build New Ones

Tradition can be comforting during difficult times. If your company had a strong culture before the pandemic, but that culture has waned in the past year or so, reinvent it. Recognize employees during Zoom calls by calling out their great works. Then, ask your team to submit bits of good news that are either business-related or of a more personal nature. Communicate often with your employees to let them know you value and appreciate them. Take the time now to keep your company’s culture thriving or give it a great boost to get back on track.


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