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Keep Employees Safe With Construction Safety Steps Part 2

In the second half of this article, we will continue to discuss safety steps that can be taken to help with the adjustment of new hires in a construction company. As Sarasota construction attorneys, we know that the steady rise of construction growth has led to the hiring of many new employees, and if new employees aren’t trained correctly, companies are more susceptible to safety hazards. To view the first half of this article, please visit Part 1.

5. Ensure Training Materials Are in Different Languages

Not all new employees will speak fluent English, which is why it is recommended that employers provide safety trainings and materials in both English and other languages as the need arises. This will ensure that the safety training is understood by all workers.

6. Have Your Trainers Been Trained?

Safety trainings are essential in the construction business, but they will only be successful if the trainers themselves have gone through proper training to learn effective communication and different training expertise. OSHA and NRCA both offer professional trainer certifications and credentials.

7. Initiate Specialty Safety Programs

In addition to an overall safety program, construction employers should initiate a speciality safety program that goes into depth on a certain topic, like scaffolding safety or electrical safety. For example, these programs should go over specific scaffolding procedures and processes like proper setup and maintenance, and how to avoid safety accidents while using this particular piece of equipment. We recommend implementing these speciality safety programs monthly, and focusing on a different topic each month.

8. Upgrade Badges to Indicate Training Level

Issue badges that can easily identify each worker’s level of training and certification for work or operating equipment, either by color coding or a QR code that can be scanned on a phone. These badges will make it easier to identify a worker’s training level so they can be assigned to the appropriate projects. It will make keeping track of every employee’s training status more simple and efficient.

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