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Keeping Construction Project Changes Under Control

Change can be good, but when it comes to construction projects—namely large and complex ones—it can be the death of a project. No matter how thoroughly you plan a project, changes are inevitable; however, proactive communication, attention to detail, and an increased understanding of the factors that might pose a risk to your project can protect your project from spinning out of control. Read on as our Jacksonville construction lawyers discuss some common causes of project changes and how you can improve and manage your workflows to keep changes under control.

Common Reason for Change Orders

It is normal to have some variation in your projects where you deviate from the project’s original design, specifications, or drawings. Change orders are basically variations that adjust the scope of work in a construction contract. Changes to the scope can either be an addition or substitution or even omitting something from the original scope of work. The following are some of the reasons for change orders:

  • Poor project planning
  • Project schedule changes
  • Scope of work changes  
  • Unavailable equipment or materials
  • Financial difficulties from either contractual party
  • Conflicting contract documents
  • Inadequate or incomplete drawings
  • Design change requests
  • Labor shortages
  • Weather conditions
  • Rework due to poor workmanship

Reducing and Eliminating Project Changes

Again, while not every issue can be avoided, being proactive about changes can provide some damage control where productivity and cost are concerned. Changes can be minimized with a strong contract that includes more details in the project’s design, identifying risks before starting construction, and increased coordination and collaboration with stakeholders. It is also crucial to establish a change order process and a comprehensive quality control process.  

Project changes big and small can delay a project in unexpected ways, which could ultimately lead to delay disputes and claims. A Jacksonville contractor lawyer from Cotney Construction Law can provide you with legal guidance to help you avoid or settle any disputes that arise as a result of changes orders.

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