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OSHA Defense

OSHA penalties can lead to severe fines placed upon your business and interruptions to your daily operations. It is important to have a Lakeland construction attorney knowledgeable in OSHA’s inspection process and the OSH Act of 1970 to ensure your business is operating within mandated safety guidelines. In the event of a violation, you need an attorney who understands your rights as a business and the appropriate steps to take after receiving a citation.

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License Defense

Florida’s Department of of Business and Professional Regulation (DBPR) constantly strives to protect the general public’s safety by cracking down on contractor’s who are operating without a license or licensed contractors who are violating local, state, and federal construction laws. If you are found to be operating illegally, you need an attorney who can argue your case in front of the Office of General Counsel or the Construction Industry Licensing Board.

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Construction Litigation and Arbitration

When facing a dispute, it is important to choose a Lakeland construction attorney that is not only experienced in Florida law, but one that has a deep understanding of the construction industry. Construction litigation, arbitration, and other types of mediation are all channels to reach an outcome, but each comes with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages depending on the details surrounding the dispute. It is imperative that your business works with a legal team that has a wide-range of construction knowledge, not only for defending and arguing your case, but for determining a strategy that will lead to a favorable outcome.

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Construction Lien and Bond Claims

The Lakeland construction lawyers from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can draft all lien and bond documents, such as the Notice to Owner, Notice of Non-Payment, Notice of Contest of Lien, and Miller Act Notice to ensure all documentation is prepared to the specifications of the Florida Statutes. One misstep in filing or serving lien documents could prevent your company from receiving compensation for unpaid construction services.

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Bid Protests

Do you believe a government contract was improperly awarded to a competing firm? If so, speak with a Lakeland construction attorney, who can assist in gathering evidence that can be presented through a bid protest trial. The process for bidding on state, local, and federal construction projects should be free from corruption, so exercise your right to be given a fair opportunity at winning public contracts.

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Contract Review and Drafting

To protect your business from being on the wrong side of a construction dispute, the most proactive course of action is through a well crafted contract that thoroughly describes expectations of the project, time frames, the specific roles of each party, and terms for how disputes will be resolved. To ensure this is done properly, your firm should entrust the experience of a construction attorney in Lakeland, who can draft a contract on behalf of your business or thoroughly review contracts that are provided by another party.

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