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Licensing for Roofing Professionals in Illinois

Roofing contractors in the State of Illinois must possess a valid roofing license to work legally. In order to keep contractors, employees, and property owners safe, the roofing industry requires that all professional contractors meet certain criteria to provide provisions of labor and materials. Since this criteria often varies from state to state, it’s imperative that prospective and established roofing contractors consult a roofing lawyer in Illinois to ensure that they possess the proper licensing and qualifications to work in the Prairie State.

Licensing Regulations for Illinois

Illinois is one of only 21 states requiring roofers to possess a valid license before performing work. Therefore, if you do not possess a roofing contractor license in Illinois, you should not be actively providing provisions of labor or materials or seeking future contracting jobs. Although not every client is aware of the licensing requirements for roofing contractors, it’s always a good idea to advertise the fact that you are licensed. Licensed roofing contractors are more likely to produce high-quality work that meets all relevant building codes. If a potential client is weighing their options, clarifying that you are licensed and capable of providing superior services as compared to cheaper, possibly unlicensed competitors, is one way you can set your firm apart.

Under the Illinois Roofing Act, all “persons performing roofing services under [the Illinois Roofing Act] shall be licensed as roofing contractors, except for those persons who are deemed to be employees under Section 10 of the Employee Classification Act of a licensed roofing contractor.” Under the same act, an unlicensed roofing professional who chooses to provide provisions of labor can be fined up to $5,000. Roofing contractors are required to display their license number on any relevant vehicles, permits, and paperwork.

Obtaining a Roofing Contractor License in Illinois

Contractors in the State of Illinois must decide whether they want to acquire a limited or unlimited roofing contractor license. The limited license permits contractors to perform work on residential properties consisting of no more than 8 units. The unlimited license permits contractors to perform work on residential, commercial, and industrial properties.

Additionally, contractors must take the Illinois roofing exam, which is held six times throughout the year in Hillside, Illinois and Springfield, Illinois. This in-person test costs less than $300 and is updated regularly to reflect the latest codes and regulations. After passing this exam, contractors can apply for a license after providing proof of insurance including workers’ compensation and unemployment. Once this information is accepted, along with a $125 application fee, contractors can legally work in Illinois.

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