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The Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) mission is to protect workers across the nation from dangerous hazards and unsafe conditions in workplaces. OSHA ensures healthful and safe working conditions by setting and enforcing standards, conducting inspections, and by providing training, education, and assistance to employers.

It is critical that construction industry employers comply with OSHA standards and rules. Failure to do so can result in severe citations, fines, and penalties. Our Little Rock OSHA defense lawyers are here to help you adhere to OSHA’s regulations and fight citations. Prevent OSHA violations by:

  • Conducting safety audits and enforcing safety rules
  • Keeping accurate safety records
  • Addressing employees concerns
  • Responding to citations quickly
  • Using the proper safety equipment
  • Securing the workplace against common hazards
  • Refraining from employee retaliation
  • Posting required safety signage

Expert Little Rock OSHA Defense Lawyers

Cotney Construction Law has extensive experience in all aspects of OSHA policy and procedure. We advise, represent, and defend contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, manufacturers, and others in the construction industry against OSHA citations and complaints across the United States. If you are facing an OSHA-related issue, a Little Rock OSHA  attorney from our firm can provide you with sound legal advice to resolve the issue. Additionally, we can help you develop a safety program that helps you maintain OSHA compliance, prepare for and represent you during an OSHA inspection, and navigate the OSHA citation process.

Your Rights and Responsibilities After an OSHA Inspection

If you have received an OSHA citation after an inspection, you must post the citation or a copy of the citation at or near the place where the violation occurred for three working days or until the violation is corrected. Posting this information as well as abatement certification documents at the site is essential for alerting employees of the hazard. Failure to post a citation or failure to abate violations can result in additional penalties.

Aside from correcting a condition you have been cited for, you have two additional options: you can request an informal conference with an OSHA area director or file a Notice of Intent to Contest the citation, penalty, or abatement date within 15 working days from the date the citation was received. Failing to contest a citation properly or within the specified timeframe will result in the citation becoming a final order.

OSHA is known for conducting unexpected inspections—don’t be caught unprepared! Let our Little Rock OSHA defense lawyers represent you throughout the OSHA complaint, inspection, and citation processes to preserve your reputation and keep your workplace safe.

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