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Logical Tips to Prevent Safety Citations Part 2

There is a reason why we all know the phrase “safety first.” It’s because when we fail to practice the best safety precaution procedures, we are susceptible to accidents happening. For employers, failing to meet health and safety standards set by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) can also result in significant citation fees. If you are a contractor and your jobsite recently received a citation, contact us to receive legal advice from a Michigan OSHA lawyer.

In the first section of our three-part series, we educated you on some logical steps you can take at your workplace to avoid accidents or citations. In our second section, we will focus on ways to properly monitor workers at your workplace. In the final section, we will discuss more in-depth preventive measures you can take to ensure your workplace is safe and citation free.

The following information can be reviewed in more detail at the OSHA website.

Monitor Every Worker and Every Tool

One of the most critical areas to focus on in the workplace that is often overlooked is with the workers themselves. Construction sites are often places of controlled chaos where workers come and go and sometimes their overall level of experience is unknown because they were hired by a third-party staffing agency. Closely monitor your employees to ensure that they are using the right equipment for the right job while properly maintaining both their gear and work area. Communicate and update your employees on all operating procedures to ensure they are following the best safety practices.

Communication is Key

It’s important to create a foundation of communication on all levels of your worksite to ensure seamless integration and accident prevention. Provide any necessary safety training onsite or have your employees attend one of OSHA’s Outreach Training Programs if necessary. If your site is dealing with a specific hazardous situation then ensure the workers are educated on the latest preventive practices. If hazardous chemicals are present at your worksite, all workers need to be properly trained and educated on preventive practices. Supervisors should also regularly evaluate any potential hazardous machinery to guarantee that it’s fine-tuned. Lastly, it is critical to educate your workers on electrical boxes and power supplies in case the power needs to be ceased in a state of emergency.

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