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Lowering Construction Costs to Increase Profits Part 2

Our Knoxville construction attorneys know that running a construction business can be very lucrative. Proper planning and good project management are essential for keeping your projects on track — mismanagement can be costly. Managing construction costs is critical for retaining profitable margins on projects. It all begins with understanding industry forecasts, as discussed in part one, and employing strategies to lower costs which we will discuss in this section.

Overhead Expenses

Analyze your business’ overhead expenses and figure out where cuts can be made. This includes areas such as tools and equipment, repairs, office costs, and regulatory fees. Equipment can be auctioned or sold to pay off company debts. Converting to a paperless system for important documents can save money as well. Proper maintenance is key as it is important to know when to repair and replace vehicles or equipment. Overhead office costs can eat away at your budget; be sure that your administrative costs (e.g., advertising, travel, legal fees), are reviewed and trimmed regularly.

The following are more helpful cost-reducing strategies.


Automation can massively reduce administrative overhead costs and improve efficiency because your employees will be able to accomplish more tasks, more quickly. Automation also reduces the frequency of human errors and streamlines important processes. Incorporating automation using mobile apps and online software will allow employees to access information from anywhere, keep track of information through reporting, and communicate more clearly with clients. This technology eliminates a great deal of the manual time and costs involved in accounting and more.


The construction industry requires a lot of documentation. If you are still documenting with paper, it is time to rethink your document management. Digitizing documents and blueprints will reduce your administrative costs. Implementing a collaborative document management system will improve efficiency and increase transparency on the job. This will help understand where to invest and where to cut costs.


A lot of things are happening on the construction site, which can make it easy to lose track fast. Keeping track of every expense is imperative. Technology can be used to help with time management. Tracking the amount of time it takes to complete projects can help managers improve processes and delegate tasks better. Tools and equipment are a hefty construction expense. When they are stolen from the site, this can be quite costly because it can lead to delays in work, increased insurance premiums, and having to purchase or rent more items.

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