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Maintaining Construction Project Records

Project documentation and records act as a hard drive for construction projects. Therefore, it is imperative that construction companies maintain a project documentation system. Besides, it is a requirement of the contract in most construction projects, and is beneficial for providing easy access to what is happening on the project at all times. Our Jacksonville construction lawyers address 3 documents that if maintained can provide a backlog of project records along the way.

Contract Agreement:

Contract agreement documents including all drawings, amendments, copies of approvals, corporation or urban development authorities need to be maintained at construction sites until the completion of the construction projects. These documents provide permission and guidelines for all the activities carried out at the construction site. Carefully store the printed and electronic version of these agreements.

Time and Progress Charts:

Progress charts help track construction activities and assist in the future planning of construction projects. This diary serves as a daily record and should include the following details:

  1. Weather at worksite
  2. Laborers on worksite
  3. Laborers employed
  4. Materials delivered to worksite
  5. Transportation methods used at worksite
  6. Important work completed at worksite
  7. Official visits and remarks of worksite

This progress chart should be left on the worksite and readily accessible to the contractor.

Records of Changes:

During construction projects, there may be deviations or amendments made to the existing contract documents and work activities from time to time. These changes may have been proposed by the client or made in the interest of the project. Each record of change should be dated and signed. The financial effect of all changes should also be noted and maintained along with approval and signatures from the client.

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