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Make Way for Electric Vehicles on the Jobsite Part 2 featured image

Make Way for Electric Vehicles on the Jobsite Part 2

Electric vehicles aren’t exclusive to car enthusiasts looking to drive at “ludicrous” speeds. They are versatile tools that are making their way onto construction sites across America. As we covered in part one, there are many benefits that come with replacing diesel with electric power. Now, a Wichita contractor lawyer at Cotney Construction Law will discuss how electric vehicles will be changing the face to the construction industry. At Cotney Construction Law, we pride ourselves on being devoted to every facet of construction law. Please consult with our Wichita contractor attorneys for any and all of your legal needs.

Electric Vehicles on the Jobsite

In Norway, Pon Equipment, with the aid of Caterpillar, has created an electric excavator that produces zero emissions, runs for 7 hours on a single battery charge, and can be fully charged overnight. Meanwhile, Volvo CE is so dedicated to electric construction vehicles that they have announced 4 new models of electric excavators and wheel loaders while completely halting production on diesel-powered engines. This is a trend that will continue to grow as electric vehicles not only become a viable option, but the only option for construction companies.

An Industry Rising

As technology progresses, electric vehicles will become an increasingly attractive alternative for contractors interested in cutting costs and saving the environment. Batteries already offer driving in the range of a couple of hundred miles. Semi-autonomous and autonomous electric vehicles will one day offer safer working conditions where exhausted workers won’t be required to operate vehicles in potentially hazardous situations. And as the demand for electric vehicles increases, more affordable and competitive options will become available.

Electric vehicles aren’t science fiction. They are a real and affordable alternative to diesel-powered construction vehicles and are a benefit to any jobsite. The electric vehicles mentioned in this series are perfect for cities where noise and pollution are a concern that often comes with strict regulations. To ensure that you are compliant with the noise ordinances and emission laws of your state, please consult with a Wichita contractor lawyer.

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