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Meeting OSHA’s Recordkeeping & Reporting Requirements

In order to meet OSHA’s operational standards, employers must properly record, report, and annually post injuries and illnesses that occurred on their job sites. As a Bradenton construction lawyer, we understand the complexity of OSHA’s recordkeeping and reporting requirements. To help contractors and other construction professional abide by these requirements, we have outlined three of the required injury and illness forms below.

FORM 300

OSHA requires employers to keep a record of all work-related incidences. The purpose of OSHA Form 300 is to help employers meet this requirement and classify the different types of injuries and illnesses that have occurred on their job site. This form also helps employers keep a record of the details pertaining to the severity of the incident. To ensure the form is completed appropriately, employers are recommended to include the date of the incident, the employee’s name, a description of where the event occurred, a detailed description of the fatality, injury or illness, along with a classification, such as skin disorder or respiratory condition.


Form 300A is used to provide a summary of all fatalities, injuries, and illnesses that occurred on on a job site within a given year. The summary is based off the information that is provided in Form 300. These summaries should be compiled on an annual basis and are required to be posted to the job site. Certain low-hazard industries and employers with 10 or less employees may be exempt from this requirement.

With our experience as Bradenton construction attorneys, we know that it is important for contractors and construction professionals of the like to understand that these summaries are still required even if no injuries or illnesses occurred on the job site. The summary should include the total number of deaths within the given year, total number of cases with days out of work, total number of cases with job transfer or restriction, and total number of injuries.

FORM 301

OSHA Form 301 is used to report any fatalities, injuries, or illnesses that occur on a jobsite. This form is used to provide an in-depth description and should identify the cause of the fatality, injury, or illness. Employers are required to complete this form or an equivalent form, such as Workers’ Compensation forms, insurance forms, or company produced incident reports within seven days of being notified of a work-related fatality, injury or illness.

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