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Mergers and Acquisitions Attorney in Tampa

Most business owners specialize in strictly running their company. However, when it comes to succession planning or mergers and acquisitions, you require assistance from knowledgeable and experienced attorneys that understand mergers and acquisitions law in Tampa and also have experience in corporate transactions.

What is Mergers and Acquisitions Law in Tampa?

Mergers and acquisitions are part of the corporate finance world and involve the management and strategy of either combining with or acquiring another company. A merger is the combining of two businesses of equal size to form a new entity; whereas, acquisitions are typically when a larger business purchases a subsidiary business.

Implementing Succession Planning Into Your Business

Whether you are interested in merging with or acquiring a company or transferring ownership of a business, the processes of growing and developing your business or developing an exit strategy are actually very similar. In either case, the attorney must create a game plan that requires a great deal of analyzing the company’s current assets and devising a forward-thinking strategy that maximizes the value of the business before the transaction.

A mergers and acquisitions attorney in Tampa can help you with the following tasks:

Analyzation: The first step to creating a succession plan or merger or acquisition is understanding the details of your company. This includes reviewing the business documents, contracts, and any relevant estate planning documents. This process also allows the business owner to get their essential business records in order.

Assessment: Many business owner’s perceived value of their business doesn’t align with its true value. By analyzing the company’s total assets, your attorney can provide you with a dependable business valuation. This helps avoid several pitfalls during a transfer and this valuation can also improve managing the business, increase profitability, and determine the overall interest the owner should receive when establishing a succession plan.

Creating a Contingency Plan: The attorney can meet with the owner and any key members of the business and devise a contingency plan for the company. If the owner were to become incapacitated, this strategy would appoint an interim successor, address many essential estate planning services, and help alleviate any disruptions.

Transferring Ownership: After evaluating the business, the attorney can work with the owner to determine the best exit plan (or acquisition). Transfer options include retention (keeping it within the family), buy-sell retention (offering more shares to other stakeholders), merging with another business, or a divestiture. If your business needs guidance finding a successor, we can help.

Business Planning: Our law firm can be extremely helpful with all business planning needs during the transition and afterward. We provide support with everything from drafting contracts (leasing, employment, and reimbursement agreements) to developing trusts to maintaining equity in the business to estate tax planning services.

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