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Before a project commences, parties may elect a method for handling disputes within the contract. Even still, a dispute could progress to a trial. Although a dispute may progress beyond an arbitration, a trial can be avoided altogether if parties find a way to settle before an official trial begins.

Reputable Miami Construction Litigation Attorneys

No dispute is the same, therefore, you will need the counsel of an experienced litigation attorney to help you determine the best solution for your dispute. Once it is determined that a litigation is necessary, our litigation attorneys will work relentlessly to win your case.

What Litigation Entails

Litigation is the last resort after other dispute alternatives have been exhausted. Our Miami construction litigation attorneys will provide you with a glimpse into the litigation process.

An Initial Investigation

This process involves determining if there is a valid case. The evidence is gathered, witnesses are interviewed, and the option of settling the dispute is discussed.

Drafting Documents

A construction litigation attorney will draft documents known as pleadings which explain the parties’ positions. This document will contain the complaint, an answer, the reply, and counterclaims. These are then filed with the court.


The discovery process begins after the lawsuit is filed and entail the gathering of relevant information to assess the merits of a claim. Such information is obtained through witness interviewing, document review, request for admissions, and more.


Our attorneys bring discovery to a close in order to prepare for the trial. At this point, we advise clients, attend conferences, conduct pre-trial depositions, draft pre-trial documents, and retain witnesses.

A Settlement or Trial

Do to the risk and costs associated with trials, our attorneys will work diligently to negotiate and settle your case. If a trial is necessary, we will aggressively present your case before a judge, meet with experts, develop strategic and persuasive arguments as well as opening and closing statements.


If the trial outcome is unfavorable, unsatisfied parties may seek to appeal the case.

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