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Mediation is an excellent method of dispute resolution because many disputes in the construction industry revolve around what’s fair and equitable. There are many advantages to mediation including it being faster, cheaper, and gives parties more control over the final outcome.

Mediation is Faster

Litigation can last for months to a few years, but through mediation, and depending on the complexity of the dispute, you can resolve your dispute in a matter of days.

Mediation is Cheaper

With mediation, you don’t have to worry about the high cost of court and other associated fees. Even with a Miami construction mediation attorney, you will still spend less money then the attorney fees you will incur with a litigation.

Mediation Puts You in Control

With mediation, there is no judge, jury, or arbitrator making decisions for you. Parties can actively participate in coming to an agreeable solution to their issues. Parties can freely express themselves whereas in a litigation, the attorney speaks on behalf of the client.

The Mediation Process

The mediation process typically involves the mediator discussing the process, rules and goals of the meditation. Parties will have the opportunity to discuss their side of the dispute. At this point, the mediator will either speak with parties together or separately on options to work things out and will also bring parties together to negotiate. As long as the parties agree to the solution, everything will be put in writing and the document will be signed. If an agreement is not reached, the mediator will advise parties of the next steps.

Why You Should Hire a Miami Construction Mediation Attorney

Most mediations do not require a mediation attorney; however, there are some legal issues that require an expert. Our mediation attorneys are a valuable asset because we understand the entire mediation process and can provide guidance on very complex issues that you may not understand completely. For example, you may need an attorney to review legal documentation or to give you advice on a fair settlement. If you want to save time and leave the guesswork out of the equation, contact our firm today for help with your mediation.

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