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Minority Fraud in the Construction Industry Part 2

Minority fraud is the intentional or accidental misrepresentation of a workforce. In part one of this two-part series, we discussed the prevalence of minority fraud in the construction industry. Now, a Fort Lauderdale construction attorney at Cotney Construction Law will detail the steep penalties for committing minority fraud and the ways that contractors can ensure that they avoid committing fraud in all its forms. For all of your legal needs, always turn to the Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys at Cotney Construction Law.

The Punishment for Minority Fraud

A guilty verdict in a minority fraud case doesn’t come with a mere slap on the wrist. Punishments for minority fraud include fines in the hundreds of thousands of dollars and potential prison time. When a contractor commits minority fraud they are not only harming the disadvantaged workers of this industry; they are also taking on an unnecessary risk that can bankrupt their business. With a price so high, it is imperative that contractors take steps to ensure that they do not unintentionally commit minority fraud.

How to Avoid Minority Fraud

When working on government projects, employ proper recordkeeping and contract drafting techniques to make sure that you are always compliant with state and federal minority requirements. Keep up with the employment practices of subcontractors on your project to ensure that they remain lawful, and never hire a subcontractor that can potentially threaten the legitimacy of your business. Most importantly, if your company is ever approached to be a sham front for another contractor, immediately contact a Fort Lauderdale construction attorney.

Hire a Professional   

From false representation to theft to improper billing, fraud can take many ugly forms in this industry. The greatest step you can take in ensuring that you avoid fraud in all its forms is to consult with the Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys at Cotney Construction Law. The piece of mind gained from partnering with a knowledgeable and aggressive attorney is priceless. Contact us today to safeguard you and your company from allegations of fraud.

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