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Mobile Technology and the Contractor Part 1

Contractors are joining the ranks of workers who bring their own devices to the workplace. Mobile devices are assisting contractors in virtually every phase of construction, from finding clients and managing projects to making estimates and bookkeeping. This two-part article will list some of the ways contractors are using technology. Read part two for more ways to utilize mobile technology.

Project Management

No matter what field you work in, a project management system is a must. Mobile technology allows you to manage your projects with apps. Some functions of apps will allow you to share files with workers, create and assign tasks, receive updates, track issues, and even pull blueprints.

Accounting Software

Our Fort Lauderdale construction attorneys understand the challenges of getting paid in the construction industry. This is why we recommend accounting apps to make the process a lot easier. With an accounting program, you will be better able to manage your cash flow, pay expenses, accept payments, send invoices, export data for tax preparation, and more.

The Estimate

Providing an accurate estimate to the customer takes considerable time and effort, yet, it’s very important. If the estimate is above or under the final price, you can be viewed as an incompetent contractor. By investing in mobile technology, you will not only cut down on the time you invest, your calculations will likely be more accurate. The tools available to contractors are easy to use with a built-in database of unit costs.

Customer Relationships

The client is the center of every construction project. If you want to stay on top of your relationships with your customers, it’s critical that you invest in tools that will improve your ability to manage them well. Some areas to utilize mobile technology include tracking and managing leads, scheduling appointments, sales, and performing phone and email marketing.

Staying ahead of the competition and managing your clients well is critical to your success as a contractor. When you manage your projects well, you mitigate your liabilities and lessen the likelihood of a dispute.

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