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Must-Have Litigation Services for Subcontractors

The construction industry is defined by its relationships. The relationship between owner and contractor and the relationship between contractor and subcontractor can be extremely contentious. When one party violates an agreement, it can feel like your options are limited, especially if you’re a subcontractor. Fortunately, there are ways for subcontractors to protect themselves.

In many ways, litigation is the great equalizer. No matter how professional your conduct is, all it takes is one bad contract to find yourself fighting for your rights in a court of law. This might sound scary, but with the help of a Memphis construction attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, you can rest assured that your legal representation understands the nuances of the construction industry, so you can protect your best interests and maintain your right to compensation.

In this brief article, our Memphis construction attorneys will discuss some of the most important litigation services for subcontractors. If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, consult the Memphis construction attorneys from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants.

Breach of Contract

Contracts are the lifeblood of the construction industry, so it comes as little surprise that breaching the terms and conditions of a contract will likely lead to litigation. Whether you’ve accidentally violated your contract or the contractor has failed to meet their obligations, our Memphis construction attorneys can fight on your behalf in a court of law.

Defective Work

Construction defects can appear during the building process or years after a project has been completed. It’s impossible to predict when or why defects occur, but it’s entirely possible to protect yourself from becoming a scapegoat for defects that aren’t your fault. A Memphis construction attorney can argue on your behalf and bolster your case by explaining how the defect had nothing to do with your services.

License Defense

Working without the proper licensing is a surefire way to condemn your business, but sometimes claims against your license are unfounded, unreasonable, or flat out fabricated. Unfortunately, if a claim against your license succeeds, you may lose your right to payment for work you’ve already completed. We can protect you against license-related claims, including:

  • Misallocation of Funds
  • License Renting
  • Project Abandonment
  • Improper Licensure
  • Failure to Obtain a Permit
  • Negligence

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