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A construction defect is any deficiency in how something has been designed, built, operated, or maintained. Defects can occur at any time and on any type of project. The costs of a defect can be expensive and have negative impact on your bottom line.

Have You Received a Notice of Claim?

A notice of claim is the first step in the claims process and could ultimately lead to both formal and informal settlements. If you are contractor, subcontractor, or supplier, or design professional who has received a notice of claim alleging a construction defect and are unfamiliar with Florida Statute, Chapter 558, familiarize yourself quickly as it contains critical information for meeting compliance. Defects can lead to lawsuits which will require the expertise of a Naples construction defect attorney.

Common Construction Defect Claims

Construction defects vary, but the most common ones are rooted in design deficiencies, product or material inadequacies, operational or maintenance issues, or construction process failures. High-cost defects may include structural integrity, electrical, mechanical, water intrusion, and defective roofs. If claims are not handled properly, you could be held liable. A Naples construction defect attorney can make the process less disruptive and costly to your business.

Why a Naples Construction Defect Lawyer is Essential

A construction claim is almost inevitable in today’s construction climate. How you respond to a claim of notice is critical. Owners are responsible for meeting Chapter 558 rules for filing a claim and those who receive the notice of claim are responsible for submitting timely responses by specific deadlines. If you do not stay abreast of the guidelines, you could easily forfeit your right to remedy the defect in question. Do not hesitate to contact an expert Naples construction defect lawyer.

Let Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, Resolve Your Construction Defect Claims

Defect claims are the reason for many arbitration and litigation cases. Contractors and other construction professionals involved in a dispute over defects in a constructed building or structure should rely on an experienced Naples construction defect attorney to help you protect interests. Our attorneys have successfully helped numerous construction professionals in a wide range of legal proceedings including defects in new structures, remodels, plans, and designs.

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