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There is no doubt that the construction industry is one of the largest industry sectors worldwide. As you can imagine, there is a strong demand within the field, but the complex nature of the industry often leads to a number of challenges for construction professionals at every level.

Challenges such as poor productivity, poor profitability, skilled labor shortages, and sustainability concerns cannot be denied. They also can contribute to the industry’s litigious landscape. Fortunately, when disruptions and disputes arise, Naples construction lawyers at Cotney Attorneys & Consultants are equipped to step in and provide unmatched legal counsel, representation, and defense on your behalf.

Naples Construction Lawyers Advocating for the Construction Industry

Cotney Attorneys & Consultants has a solid reputation for representing general contractors, subcontractors, material suppliers, and other professionals in the construction industry. Our lawyers understand the inner workings of a construction business and have an in-depth understanding of construction law. This allows us to provide sound legal solutions for our clients. If you and the opposing party cannot come to a mutually satisfactory solution without counsel, speak with one of expert Naples construction lawyers immediately.

Contracts and Legal Documents

Contracts are central to everything you do. It’s highly advisable to have one of our Naples construction lawyers review your contracts and other legal documents to ensure your interests are protected.

Dispute Resolution

Disputes are common in construction. While some can be resolved quickly without the help of an attorney, there are many that require legal counsel to move forward successfully. Our attorneys have represented countless construction professionals in litigation, mediation, and arbitration.

OSHA Defense

Meeting OSHA standards is critical to the health and safety of your employees as well as your company’s reputation. An OSHA violation can come with hefty penalties including severe fines. Our lawyers have a thorough understanding of the OSHA inspection and citation processes.

Do You Need Legal Advice?

If you are named in a lawsuit or are facing a legal issue that requires the expertise of a Naples construction lawyer, our highly qualified attorneys are here to steer you in the right direction. Working in this industry exposes you to risks and liabilities, but you also have rights. If you are not aware of your rights, a Naples construction lawyer is an asset to your case and any other legal issues you may be facing. Our attorneys can save you from unnecessary citations, get fines and other penalties dismissed or reduced on your behalf, and ensure that you have a strong contract that protects your best interest.

If you are in need of a professional construction law firm, please submit our contact request form for more information.

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