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Alternative Dispute Resolution Methods

Construction projects are breeding grounds for conflict. Think about it. Whenever a contract is signed, the contractual parties increase their risk of a dispute. Due to the litigious nature of construction, it is critical that you position yourself to mitigate the risks as best as you can. This all starts with your contract.

A Naples construction mediation attorney from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants can ensure you get your project off to the right start by drafting the proper dispute resolution clause into your contract.

Settle Disputes Through Mediation

Some disputes can be handled through mediation. Disputants will bring in a neutral third party to help them come to a solution for their conflict. Mediation works for best for non-adversarial conflicts. It’s an informal and cost-efficient method for preserving business relationships and resolving disputes.

If Mediation Is Unsuccessful, Try Arbitration

There are cases that require a more aggressive approach. Arbitrations are the most common ADR method. They are conducted similarly to the litigation process but they are private. A third party will make a binding decision that is enforceable by the courts. During the process, parties provide testimony and give evidence similar to a trial. They are typically less formal and sometimes less expensive than litigation. A Naples construction arbitration lawyer can guide you through arbitrations administered by the American Arbitration Association (AAA), JAMS, and private arbitrators.

Why a Naples Construction Litigation Attorney Is Necessary

After exhausting other methods for resolving a dispute, litigation is the usually the last resort for settling the issue. We are construction law experts who have extensive experience resolving a range of disputes. We have tried countless cases and have obtained favorable settlements. Whether you are seeking mediation, arbitration, or considering litigation, a Naples construction litigation attorney from our office can work with you to ensure you walk away from your disputes with a satisfactory result.

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