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Construction projects are major undertakings requiring the coordination of skilled managers, engineers, laborers, and suppliers. There are also many tasks to perform and laws to follow to ensure structures are built properly. Throughout a construction operation, anything can go wrong which can lead to countless problems that could halt progress and cause costs to increase. When things go awry, your best course of action is a Nashville construction attorney.

Expert Nashville Construction Attorneys

Our law firm is led by a Board Certified Construction Lawyer, Trent Cotney, who is a nationally recognized leading construction lawyer. Our firm has been representing the construction industry for over 15 years. We offer our clients invaluable counsel and provide practical and legal advice at every stage of a construction project from concept to completion. We assist contractors, subcontractors, architects, material suppliers, and others in the range of legal matters.

Our team of legal experts assist clients in the following areas:


Drafting and Reviewing Contracts

Construction contracts are central to every construction transaction. Many construction professionals find themselves in contract related disputes such as breaches, scope of work, and improper risk allocation. Furthermore, some contracts can be difficult to understand and signing them could lead to regret. We advise contractors to always invest in a professional contract review or drafting before commencing work on any project.

Litigation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

A perfect construction operation from start to finish is rare. The good news is that most disputes can be resolved quickly if they are minor. Since dispute complexity varies, they will require different methods and solutions for resolving them. Our experienced Nashville construction attorneys are intimately familiar with all forms of dispute resolution. From mediation to arbitration to litigation, we will counsel, represent, and defend you to ensure you get the best possible outcome.

OSHA Violation Defense

Workplace safety is a major priority in the construction industry. Unfortunately, countless companies have failed to ensure their job sites remain in continuous compliance. For those who fail to comply, OSHA will issue citations to those found in violation. Our Nashville construction attorneys guide clients through the OSHA inspection and citation process and also represent them at informal conferences and at the regional level.

License Defense

A violation against your professional license can come with harsh penalties including fines, criminal charges, or a suspension or revocation of your license. Disciplinary action is handed down from the Department of Business and Professional Regulations or Construction Industry Licensing Board. If you are facing a complaint against your license, we can defend you in front of their governing boards.

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