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NCDOT Contracts Attorney in Charlotte

Entering a contract with a government entity can either lead to a breakthrough opportunity or a relentless headache. The North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) is one government agency that can either help or hinder your firm depending on the details of your contract. In fact, it’s easy to undervalue NCDOT contracts when weighing the benefits and drawbacks of such a collaboration without the help of a construction expert from Cotney Attorneys & Consultants to guide you through the process of attaining and fulfilling a profitable NCDOT contract.

Contact a Top Tier NCDOT Defense Lawyer in Charlotte

When your firm is awarded a federal contract with NCDOT, you are responsible for fulfilling your contractual duties in a timely manner. NCDOT contracts utilize performance bonds and payment bonds to help establish confidence between the involved parties. Performance bonds ensure that the contractor is completing the project as outlined in the contract. Payment bonds ensure that the contractor receives compensation for their work and disperses payment as needed to applicable subcontractors.

Consulting a NCDOT contracts attorney in Charlotte can help you capitalize on your federal contract opportunity by ensuring your firm is in compliance with NCDOT rules and regulations. Our construction experts are strongly committed to representing your needs as a contractor in North Carolina. Our team can help your firm follow the guidelines for contractors dealing with NCDOT established in North Carolina General Statute 136-29.

Maximizing Profits and Minimizing Losses for Construction Professionals

Working in conjunction with government entities is never easy. The sheer amount of bureaucracy and red tape to deal with can inhibit your normal operations and cause you to lose control of your team. This doesn’t have to be the case. Teaming up with a NCDOT defense lawyer in Charlotte can help you get the most out of your NCDOT contract while simultaneously protecting you from any potential legal actions that arise during or after your project. Here are some important things to consider when working with NCDOT:

  • NCDOT can legally refuse to compensate professionals that fail to submit a NCDOT verified claim.
  • If NCDOT has revoked your payment, you must submit a verified claim within 60 days of completing the project to the Secretary of Transportation.
  • NCDOT updates their specifications (standard specifications, special provisions, pay items, roadway standard drawings, and other resources) every 6 years.
  • NCDOT offers special services for NCDOT business partners including a database listing all current and recent lets as well as bidding information.
  • Information such as project notes, calculation of quantities sheets, checklists for plans, and transport pay item lists can be found on NCDOT’s website, but are poorly organized and difficult to utilize without the help of a NCDOT contracts attorney in Charlotte.

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