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NCDOT Verified Claim Attorney in Asheville

Construction projects often require additional or unexpected expenses that differ from the initial estimate. Projects can face setbacks from weather, a lack of skilled workers, recalled materials, or something else entirely. At Cotney Attorneys & Consultants, our team of construction law experts understands that things don’t always go the way they were planned on the project site.

When you collaborate with the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) on a project, you’re expected to meet the timelines established in the contract. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. If you have not been compensated for the provision of labor or materials you supplied for a contract with NCDOT, speak with an NCDOT verified claim attorney in Asheville to see how you can take action.

File an NCDOT Verified Claim in Asheville

When the original contract fails to accurately estimate the cost of your services, you should always seek pre-approval before proceeding with any additional work. When you seek pre-approval, you verify that your firm acted with transparency. However, if you proceed without seeking pre-approval, NCDOT can legally refuse to compensate you for your extra work. Our team of dedicated construction lawyers can guide you through the process of filing an NCDOT verified claim in Asheville so you are covered if your claim results in litigation.

North Carolina General Statute 136-29 summarizes a series of guidelines for contractors working with NCDOT:

  • The firm must be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that they made “improvements” to a property.
  • Additional work must be necessary and transparent. If additional work is required as a result of poor workmanship, NCDOT is not liable for these expenses.
  • If your firm completes a project and doesn’t receive full compensation for their provisions of labor or materials, they must submit a verified claim within 60 days of completing the project to the Secretary of Transportation.

The NCDOT Verified Claims Process

Teaming up with an NCDOT verified claim attorney in Asheville can help you keep up with the status of your claim. The NCDOT verified claims process includes:

  • Investigation: You will submit your claim to the Secretary of Transportation. It will be investigated within 90 days of submission and evaluated for merit.
  • Review: An NCDOT verified claim attorney in Asheville will help present your claim clearly to the investigating staff and help clarify the details of your case to increase your chances of collecting your debt.
  • Approval/Denial: After reviewing the claim, the Secretary of Transportation will either approve or deny your claim.
  • Written Statement: The Secretary of Transportation will provide a written statement explaining the reasons for the verdict.

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