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Networking Tips for Construction Professionals Part 2

Networking is hard work. Relationship building takes time, but yields great rewards when done properly. If networking has not been a priority of yours, our Nashville contractor lawyers recommend giving it a try to grow your skills, stay informed, and increase your business leads.

In the first section, we defined networking and shared two ways you can network: joining a professional trade association and through volunteering. In this last part, we will focus on using social media, following up after events, and networking on the job site.

Leverage Social Media

No matter how big or small your business is, establishing an online presence is critical to your success and one of the fastest ways to grow your digital audience. Online presence goes beyond a website these days. Leveraging social media platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram to highlight your business, post photos of your work, and engage with like-minded professionals will help you build a stronger network within your trade.

Follow Up Properly

Showing up to an event is only the beginning of networking. Building professional relationships takes time and requires reciprocity. Always ask your new contacts for a business card and have one ready with up-to-date information. Collecting business cards is a waste of time if you do not follow up properly. Once you are back at the office, store the information and follow up with a brief email stating how much you enjoyed meeting them. Take it a step further and connect with them via LinkedIn.

Network at Your Job Site

Networking is not all about going out. It also starts on the homefront—the job site. It’s easy to put your head down, do your job, and leave the job site, but there will be a range of people working with and around you on your different projects. Next time you are at the job site, take the time to introduce yourself to someone in a different trade. You never know, they may have a lead for your next project.

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