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New Website Could Change the Game for Roofing Contractors featured image

New Website Could Change the Game for Roofing Contractors

With a few simple clicks of the keyboard, negative reviews on the internet can potentially destroy a business. Because of the simplicity and impersonal nature of web review sites like Yelp and Angie’s List, an unfair negative review could potentially cost a roofing contractor potential revenue, opportunities to work on future projects, and may lead to their need for a roofing lawyer in Florida to dispute these allegations.

New Website Looks to Warn Contractors

Although there is little a roofing contractor can do to prevent a person from writing damaging things about them or their business on the web, there is a new and interesting way for industry professionals to fight back. Hopefully, if a roofing contractor utilizes the right resources, they can avoid working with bad clients in the industry.

Building a Database for Bad Clients

If you are a roofing contractor, you do not want to work for a client that refuses payment at the completion of a project. You also do not want to work for somebody disrespectful or difficult to manage over the course of the project as well. With, roofing contractors or construction industry professionals can access a paid website that allows them to review the customers they worked for and document any positive or negative issues with the client on the website. For example, if a plumber and electrician both complain about how a certain client refuses to pay in full at the completion of the project, a roofing contractor may feel inclined to pass on that potential project offer. However, if all the reviews are positive for that client, the contractor can move ahead with a little peace of mind.

Remember You Can Be Accused of Defamation

Although it’s nice to have a medium that gives you honest reviews of potential clients, it’s important for professionals to remember that they are liable for any posts that contain invalid or confidential information. It’s best to post anything on the web with great caution as it could potentially lead to a defamation claim. With that being said, if a contractor performs work to the expectation of the owner or their client, they should be compensated and their reputation should be protected as well.

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